This project study started in 1979 and was under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) at the time as an unmarked state route. IDOT completed a Phase I study in 1982 with two alignments identified through the undeveloped property corridor. The 1982 Phase I study identified a grade separation of Cedar Lake Road at the SOO Line Railroad (now the Metra Milwaukee District North Line). There was public opposition to the grade separation improvements and the improvement was not taken to the next Phase of engineering. IDOT completed a Phase I study again in 1987 with an additional alignment alternative through the undeveloped property corridor. The 1987 study improvements included an at-grade crossing of the railroad. The improvements were not constructed due to lack of funding. This section of Cedar Lake Road was jurisdictionally transferred to Lake County in 2012. In that year Lake County started a feasibility study with input from the Village of Round Lake. The feasibility study was completed in 2016. The feasibility study showed that realigning Cedar Lake Road was still feasible. The study identified multiple alignment alternatives and evaluated impacts, benefits, and potential costs of each. The feasibility of the improvements allowed Lake County to proceed with performing a full Phase I study including all the appropriate environmental analyses required as part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 in order for the project to qualify for federal funding.