View the Stakeholder Involvement Plan

A key goal of CSS is to build general understanding amongst the stakeholders. A “stakeholder” is any person or organization which has a direct stake in the project being considered. CSS stakeholder activities include Stakeholder Involvement Group (SIG) meetings, Community Context Audit surveys, special interest groups meetings, and public meetings as well as a public hearing. All input will be evaluated and used to help shape viable solutions. It is essential for the process to be fair and for all people’s opinions to be heard and considered. The CSS project approach enhances public participation in the transportation planning process. Because stakeholder involvement is critical to the planning process for this project, a Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) was developed to guide the stakeholder involvement program. The SIP outlines a program that effectively involves stakeholders, while conforming to federal and state guidelines. The SIP describes a framework that is both comprehensive and flexible based on the project’s needs. The SIP is used as a blueprint for defining methods and tools to educate and engage all stakeholders in the decision-making process.